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Classic 5

Great things start small: Our CLASSIC 5 not only is the decent entry into the audiophile world of AUDIO PHYSIC, but raises the standards of its class to a new level. In order to let it play up "big" acoustically, our R&D team has equipped the loudspeaker with intelligent technical refinements.


Classic 5 Chassis







White Semi Gloss
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Technical data

Height 950 mm / 38.0"
Width 170 mm / 6.7"
Depth 230 mm / 9.1"
Required Space Width x Depth 210x300 mm / 8.3x11.8"
Weight ~ 13 kg
Recommended amplifier power   20-120 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 42 Hz - 30 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB


Features and Specs


Our listening tip

Madonna | Something To Remember | Warner

The Queen of Pop's compilation covering the early years includes her finest ballads from 1984 to 1994. Throughout, the tracks sparkle in a soft splendour with crisp highs paired to a rich, deep bass. The lows come supple, like in "You'll see", sound extremely soft and yet so clear that you can literally follow the individual oscillations. From the first note, the CLASSIC 5 conveys this feel-good atmosphere into the listening room and captivates the listener. Within these complex soundscapes Madonna's voice sounds smooth, seductive, but always multifaceted and clear. The CLASSIC 5 convincingly manifests the class of this great artist. Despite their compact size, these speakers master the balancing act between tonal richness and fascinating transparency.



Classic 5 :: Stereo :: 09/2018
English Translation in German Review PDF 240 KB

Classic 5 :: stereonet :: 08/2018
English Review Website stereonet

Getting familiar

Listening to the new little Classic 5 for the first time entailed a huge surprise. Simply placed to the usual demo position with the existing speaker cables plugged in – its other end facing AVM gear with admittedly good sound potential - and the whole set hellishly got down to the nitty gritty. The sonic image really belied the speakers’ tiny appearance. The female singer stood full-sized in the middle of the picture (yeah, this is Audio Physic!), while the accompanying instruments performed beautifully tiered in width and depth. And in height, too! Much higher than the speaker miniatures seemed to promise. And while an earthy, really deep rooted bass groove evolved, the highs convinced in the right manner, open and fresh. And in between all of this: most beautiful sound colours.

My evaluation after this short listening:

These tiny things are tremendously good. They really are going to make their way.

Make me a pair in white, please.

W. Fehringer (Stereo-Galerie, Stuttgart)



Technical data

Features and Specs

Our listening tip



Both drivers were specifically developed and designed for the CLASSIC 5. The powerful midwoofer has a cone made from woven glass fibre that combines low weight with high internal damping. Sound-disrupting partial oscillations of the cone are thereby effectively prevented. Both drive motor and suspension ensure rich bass performance and impeccable step response at the same time. The fixed phase plug reduces compression effects, which can lead to imperfections especially in the sensitive mid-range. In addition, heat generated during operation can more easily escape from the system, while the physical parameters remain the same even at higher volumes.

The tweeter excels with a silk dome and a powerful drive motor. The slightly horn-like shape allows a sensitive adjustment of the sound radiation behaviour in the transition zone between mid and high frequencies. This way, the spatial image remains homogenous and threedimensional even somewhat outside the sweetspot.

Another particular feature is the crossover’s intelligent architecture. Instead of using a classic printed circuit board, the CLASSIC 5 comes with a freely wired crossover with high-quality components such as film capacitors.

In the well reknown tradition of AUDIO PHYSIC, the drivers of the CLASSIC 5 are housed in a solid and artfully crafted cabinet. The oversized plinth gives the speaker a secure footing on any surface and makes the CLASSIC 5 look modern and elegant, no matter which version or real wood veneer you choose.

Thanks to the integrated M8 threaded bushings to take the standard spikes, the CLASSIC 5 therefore also offers the possibility to be equipped with the optional high-quality AUDIO PHYSIC VCF II M8 feet. These Vibration Control Feet (VCF) decouple the speaker from the floor and lift the sonic performance to a noticeable higher level – and that not only on sensitive floors.

Lend the CLASSIC 5 an open ear, and you will amazingly experience how big our "little ones" sound. Your specialist AUDIO PHYSIC retailer is looking forward to welcome you for a visit.


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