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Hyper Holographic Cone Tweeter II (HHCT II)


The Hyper-Holographic Cone Tweeter II

The tweeter that you can’t hear!



Back to the Future II

Cone tweeters, notorious for being used in cheap loudspeakers picked off the supermarket shelves, went out of fashion years ago. New light weight, soft materials were implemented to reduce the overall moving mass, however these materials also required a new geometry to ensure stiffness and stability: The dome. With the introduction of new, stiff and yet lightweight materials, the use of dome-shaped tweeters is becoming questionable. Soft domes tend to wear out at an early stage where the movement at the rim is different from the movement occurring in the interior zone. As a result, the dome starts “to ring” where it adds its own audible colorations to the signal.

Instead of hearing the music, you hear the sonic signature of a ringing tweeter. Light, stiff membrane material does not need to struggle with the tradeoffs involved in using domes – therefore, in the case of midrange drivers, the use of domes has practically dissolved into thin air over the past couple of years. AUDIO PHYSIC took the next logical step by further exploring the subject of cone membranes in tweeter systems. Already the first samples convinced the audience with their holographic reproduction displaying an unparalleled degree of plasticity.

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Hyper-Holographic-Cone Tweeter II right side Hyper-Holographic-Cone Tweeter II Front Hyper-Holographic-Cone Tweeter II left side

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