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Hamburg – das neue Mekka der Musik

Samstag 04.02. und Sonntag 05.02.2016

Die Elbphilharmonie hat eröffnet und am 4./5. Februar öffnen die Norddeutschen HiFi Tage ihre Pforten.

Besuchen Sie AUDIO PHYSIC im Hamburger Holiday Inn an den Elbbrücken und erleben Sie den ersten Messe-Auftritt der CODEX an feiner AVM-Elektronik. Unsere Mitarbeiter freuen sich im Raum „Löcknitz“ (1. Obergeschoss) auf Ihren Besuch.

In Raum 156 bei Nordost können Sie den Leistungen der neuen TEMPO plus auf den akustischen Zahn fühlen und in Raum 241 erwarten Sie bei x-odos die testbewährten AVANTI.

Die Fakten:

Raum Löcknitz CODEX
Raum 241 AVANTI
Raum 156 TEMPO plus

Holiday Inn an den Elbbrücken
Billwerder Neuer Deich 14
20539 Hamburg

Öffnungszeiten 10 bis 18 Uhr, Eintritt frei.

Anfahrt mit Bahn und ÖPNV:
Vom Hamburger Hauptbahnhof mit den Buslinien M3, 120 oder 124 bis zur Haltestelle „Billhorner Mühlenweg“ in direkter Nähe zum Hotel.

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Speaker System of the Year 2014

Remarkable Success of the CARDEAS plus+

Not only in the United States and Europe do AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers enjoy an outstanding reputation amongst audiophiles; the company's loudspeakers are building an increasing following in Asian markets as well. Currently our top model, CARDEAS plus+, was recognised in China at the "International High-End Audio Visual Show" in Guangzhou with the coveted "Speaker System of the Year" award. This puts the CARDEAS plus+ on the Top Ten of the HiFi Equipment Awards in China.

CARDEAS plus+ Speaker System of the Year

Speaker System of the Year



AUDIO PHYSIC conquers Down Under

VIRGO 25 plus+ review in “Audio Esoterica“ 6/14

Some quotations from the author Edgar Kramer:

“The VIRGO 25 plus+ presents an open and thoroughly spacious soundfield with nil loss of centre image specificity. Feed them Roger Waters’ Q-Sound Amused to Death and we were treated to spatial feats that rivalled the very best speakers we’ve had in-house.“

“I was also impressed with the VIRGO’s rendering of instrumental tone/timbre. Acoustic guitar, in particular, from master Eric Clapton in his Unplugged release, or French maestros Luc and Lagrène in Duet, came through with sharp transient attack and with the full-bodied resonant sound of the instrument’s cavity, soundboard and string.“



More quotations from the author Edgar Kramer

“The VIRGO 25 plus+ is a whole lot more speaker than a brutish amalgam of cheap drivers and cabinetry... it’s the product of skilled engineering, it features high quality drivers, and is beautifully styled and finished while presenting a relatively small, room-friendly footprint. Sonically, it performs sublimely.“


„The 25-year landmark represents a silver anniversary but, in my opinion, the VIRGO 25 plus+ is surely more deserving of gold.“



AUDIO PHYISC in THE City of Music

From now on our new trade partner LIFELIKE performs in Vienna, the Audio Physic program. The Viennese dealer in the Seventh District has long been an institution and a guarantee in addition to outstanding level of competence and impeccable service with multiple acoustically optimized listening rooms. See for yourself: At 28.02. and 03.01.2014 organized LIFELIKE a house show with exciting product debuts, including the new TEMPO 25plus +.

LIFELIKE Bild & Ton GmbH
Schottenfeldgasse 60
A-1070 Wien

LIFELIKE Bild & Ton GmbH



Impressive test result for the AVANTERA plus+ in "Hörerlebnis" Magazine (Edition 85)

"Forever young" was the title that Hörerlebnis publisher Marco Kolks gave the test report of the AVANTERA plus+. Manfred Diestertich, head of development, adjusted many of the small and larger turn screws on this speaker, giving AVANTERA, already a widely recognised product, a considerable boost. He was successful in once again improving upon the outstanding basic virtues of the model – whilst leaving the tonal balance untouched.

“The enhancements are on the inside. The use of new absorption materials and the exchange of components on the crossover network lead to a noticeable sound enhancement.”

AUDIO PHYSIC once more achieves these sound enhancements by paying painstaking attention to seemingly minor details and by systematically taking into account the interplay of all these details. The AVANTERA plus+ redefines the frontiers in spatial presence and in the rendering of the most intricate facets in this class. In doing so, the AVANTERA plus+ is ”a modest lady. Mind you: not a diva. The loudspeaker can be placed uncritically in the auditory space ... .” “The AB comparison quickly draws out the differences between the basic model and the Plus version. After just a few measures, you are already impressed by an incredibly relaxed, more sophisticated and even more spatial sound image.”

The conclusion by Marco Kolks:

“The Plus version fully lives up to the AVANTERA model. In many areas such as resolution, sharpness of contours, the newcomer is an enhancement compared to the original version made in Brilon. In final analysis, it is clearly the better loudspeaker, and with its act of rejuvenation, it will remain youthful for a long time to come.”

Forever young :: Hörerlebnis 04/2013
English review PDF 1.5 MB




A Huge Success

The journalists and test editors of the internationally renowned magazine “the absolute sound” have selected not one, but two AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers to join their illustrious group of editors’ favourites.

Both the STEP 25 compact loudspeaker and the AVANTERA were presented with the extremely coveted Editors’ Choice Award 2013 in recognition of their impressive performance in all disciplines.

Here at AUDIO PHYSIC, we are delighted to receive such an honour and consider it to be both a commendation of our aim to consistently transform ideas into developments and explore new paths and an incentive to keep up the good work, all in line with our motto of “no loss of fine detail".

2013 - Editors Choice Awards



AUDIO PHYSIC Receives Premium Manufacturer Award

Audio Physic was this month awarded the title of “PREMIUM Manufacturer of the Year 2011" by the Premium Partners ( = more than 75 German Hifi Dealers ) service run by the German specialist hi-fi magazine STEREO. Alongside this prestigious title, the company achieved the German mark 1.5, meaning that it is an excellent, A*-worthy manufacturer.

STEREO Premium Partner

Almerfeldweg 38

59929 Brilon

+49 2961-96170