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Constantly scrutinising positive features and never ceasing to make what seem to be fine details just that little bit more perfect has been the driving force behind the developments made at AUDIO PHYSIC right from the very start. This is why the majority of our loudspeakers play an integral role in our product portfolio over many years.










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Technical data

Height 1055 mm / 41.5"
Width 230 mm / 9.1"
Depth 400 mm / 15.7"
Required Space Width x Depth 370x470 mm / 14,7x18.5"
Weight ~ 32 kg
Recommended amplifier power   30-180 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 30 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB
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Harry Nilsson | Nilsson Schmilsson | SONY

Harry Nilsson | Nilsson Schmilsson | SONY

Harry Nilsson has used this album to demonstrate his remarkably wide-ranging musical talent. The tracks on "Nilsson Schmilsson" present his voice in an even more impressive and virtuoso manner than on his later album “A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night”. Although the smooth and golden clarity of his voice alone is a delight, Nilsson also packs more punch into his voice in tracks such as “Early in the Morning”, which gives his voice a slightly compressed sound and enables it to form a high-contrast counterpart to the sparing use of instruments. This gives the track a wonderfully light and lively sound and encourages listeners to turn up the volume. “Early in the Morning" is immediately followed by “The Moonbeam Song", a track composed by the artist himself in which he presents a grand and extensive musical universe full of colourful and inventive sounds.

This last comment actually applies to the whole album, which personifies Nilsson’s true passion for making music and sharing his joy with listeners. He even manages to take the tearjerker "Without You" by the Badfingers, which has since been played what feels like a thousand times, and give it new facets that make it sound as light as a feather, enabling its melancholy to be the source of new power rather than lethargically looking back into the past. Nilsson even received a Grammy for this wonderful interpretation. Whether its calypso rhythms such as those used in the lively track "Coconut" or rock interludes like those featured in "Let the Good Times Roll" or "Jump into the Fire", Nilsson always manages to successfully leave his musical fingerprint on his compositions.

"Nilsson Schmilsson" is an album full of diverse and cheerful music produced by an artist with an impressive voice who does not like to fit into the same mould as everyone else. The tracks on this album have an outstanding sound and are a rare highlight, especially in this vinyl reissue.

by Knut Isberner


Quincy Jones | The Birth Of A Band | MERCURY

Where other people collect stamps, Quincy Jones, the seasoned master of the musical world, has built up an impressive collection of something a bit more unique: Grammys. The album “The Birth of a Band”, which was produced in 1959, is one of Jones’ earlier works and represents the first time that he led a big band of talented musicians that he formed himself. This new approach resulted in an album that is top quality in every respect, featuring music that is full of tempo and power yet always hits the perfect balance. The tracks on “The Birth of a Band” feature artists who are truly exceptionally gifted. While the wind section blasts out razor-sharp tones, the clashes of hi-hats provide a shimmering yet gentle accompaniment. It is therefore a huge challenge for a hifi system and loudspeaker to master the album’s dynamic range yet still accentuate the subtleties described above. This is one of the reasons why “The Birth of a Band” formed an integral part of the presentation of the VIRGO 25plus at the High End 2012 trade fair, where the loudspeaker was constantly able to impress its audience with an authentic reproduction of this outstanding album.

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AUDIO PHYSIC Presentation in NGHE NHIN Sept Issue - Vietnam
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Virgo 25 plus+ :: Audio Esoterica :: 06/2014
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Summa cum laude :: image hifi :: 02/2013
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A True Plus? :: stereo :: 06/2012
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VIRGO 25 plus+

The 25plus+ Features

1. In the woofer chamber a high-strength, open-cell Ceramic foam with a pore proportion of more than 85% replaces the previous damping material = more control, more precision and more deep bass

2. Optimised frequency dependent damping in the midrange driver chamber = higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity

3. Revised crossovers with selective measures against micro-vibrations = much higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity

4. New internal wiring, integrated in the refined adjustment = improved tonal balance

5. Terminal with plus+ signature



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During their lifetimes, our models are updated with new technical developments and enhancements that have been produced by our AUDIO PHYSIC laboratory. The best example of this long-term commitment to our loudspeaker models is the VIRGO, which was noticeably updated to form our anniversary model, the VIRGO 25.


Virgo 25plus+ black

Despite the changes made to the minor details of our loudspeakers, the basic concept of our models does not require any amendments.

After intensive research and a multitude of listening tests, our development department has yet again achieved significant progress and successfully transformed its ideas into a design ready for production. The impressive result of these successful developments is the VIRGO 25plus, which was introduced to the audiophile world at the High End 2012 trade fair in Munich, where it conjured up a true sense of euphoria among trade visitors and international distributors.

Over the past few years, AUDIO PHYSIC has paid particular attention to perfecting its driver technology. The result of many years of research can be seen in its groundbreaking and exclusive Hyper Holographic Cone drivers. The unique design and intelligent construction of these HHC drivers enable them to achieve a precision like never before. Such significantly improved drivers also shine the spotlight on other areas that can be developed accordingly. While all of the models in our Reference Line feature an extremely elaborate and warp-resistant cabinet, we have gone one remarkable step further with the VIRGO 25plus.

Our aim was to create improved working conditions for the modern driver and make the loudspeaker cabinet even stiffer without increasing the size of the cabinet or adding features that would reduce its inner volume, for example solid bars, which would lead to limitations to the bass reproduction in the lower frequencies. We still consider wood to be the ideal basic material for the cabinet and are aware of the fact that other materials would lead to a dramatic increase in price. Our development team was able to successfully make the loudspeaker cabinet significantly stiffer without making any noteworthy changes to the inner volume.

Elements made of lightweight yet extra-stiff ceramic foam are used at the points of maximum energy, the woofers, to strengthen the cabinet of the VIRGO 25plus. The comparatively large surface area of this foam additionally reduces the effective sound energy inside the loudspeaker, which can cause the surrounding cabinet walls to produce tiny vibrations that may have a strong adverse effect on the quality of the sound performance. The stiffer the cabinet, the quicker this energy can be dissipated so that it no longer has a negative impact on the sound reproduction. The AUDIO PHYSIC VIRGO 25plus is the first loudspeaker to use this ceramic technology.

The second innovation in the VIRGO 25plus is the fact that it is the first loudspeaker to be fitted with the latest version of the WBT "nextgen" connectors featuring fine silver conductors. These connectors use an intelligent conductor geometry that eliminates virtually all ground storage effects and eddy currents and is also able to dampen micro-vibrations, meaning that the connectors are fully in line with the AUDIO PHYSIC philosophy of “no loss of fine details”. The increase in openness and precision caused by these connectors is so striking that they are also fitted directly in front of the tweeter in the VIRGO 25plus as pure signal connectors instead of connecting the tweeter directly to the cable lead.

A third improvement in the VIRGO 25plus is the use of particularly solid stands, which are also used to give our AVANTERA model ultimate stability. If you wish to place your loudspeaker on delicate flooring, we recommend that you choose to purchase our VCF III M-8 Vibration Control Feet in order to achieve top-quality sound reproduction.

The combination of these new technologies together with our modern AUDIO PHYSIC drivers and the classic virtues of our VIRGO model has led to the creation of a loudspeaker that produces breathtakingly neutral and precise sound that sets new benchmarks in this class on a global level, making the VIRGO 25plus the best VIRGO model ever.

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